10" SQUARE PLATES (10 PACK) Biodegradable, Compostable, Eco Friendly Palm Leaf Plates

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  • Made without paper and able to break down quickly once thrown away, these plates are green alternatives to paper and plastic.
  • Plates are 100% chemical free and compostable.
  • These 10-inch plates are big enough for hardy entrees and large portions. 
  • You will get 10 plates for one great low price.
  • Much more stylish (and green) than those flimsy paper or plastic plates, especially for special occasions.

    4eSync’s line of biodegradable and compostable dinnerware is ideal for serving food at events, picnics, get-togethers or entertaining guests at home or simply everyday use.

    There are no additives --- just plain dried leaves pressed with water and heat into the desired shapes. They are biodegradable and compostable. We think they are extraordinarily elegant and add a little style and panache to the setting. 



    4eSync products are completely natural and made from the leaves of the arecanut tree. The arecanut sheaths completely decompose within a period of 50-60 days. There are no colors or any external additives added to make these products giving them a natural look and feel. Water and heat are the only two components used in the production process.

    They are microwave safe! You can use these products to heat food in the microwave or store food in the refrigerator. The sheaths are washed with fresh water during the production process. They are also heated to temperatures above 90-degree centigrade which ensure that they are completely germ-free.

    The dimensional stability of the product is amazing. It is as light as other disposable plates, such as styrofoam, and nearly as sturdy as melamine or glass. The extra edges of the products make it very comfortable for holding. These qualities make it ideal for buffet or sit down dining.

    Though the material is light, it is 2-3 mm thick which enables it to hold liquids very easily. It can hold liquid items for several hours without affecting its shape. Thus it works for serving soups and foods with sauces which would make other single use plates soggy. 4eSync leaf plates have all the qualities of a regular plate, but the benefit of being disposable, compostable and biodegradable.